Hampshire Countryside Service


Shandy Simmons

I am a mainly self-taught local artist and cover a wide range of subjects in oil, acrylic and pastel.

Although my main passion is animals, I am constantly drawn back to the sea, whether it be here at Lepe, the Cornish coast, the wonderful waters of New Zealand or the magnificence of the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

If commissioned to create an animal portrait, working from high quality photographs is a very important step to achieving the true likeness and "emotion" of the animal.

I exhibit some of my work at the New Forest Show each year and several exhibitions within the Art Societies of Lyndhurst and Romsey. Several of my giclee prints were exported to Singapore, Australia and Canada last year, so they are another option for someone wishing to acquire a true copy of the original for a lower price.

For any info on the above please do not hesitate to contact me on:

07510 519211