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  • By Paul Robertson - on until end of April 2015


    My goal is to create fine art that conveys what I saw and felt whilst walking  within a landscape. A landscape photographer is not merely a witness to a timeand place but someone who looks within a scene to identify the strongest elements that promoted an emotional response.

    As an artist

    As an artist I engage with the landscape to consider the many different elements that may be included.To compose an image I look for strong shapes, textures, patterns, colours and where they are placed within the scene. These elements are not enough by themselves to produce fine art. To optimize the way in which they are bound together requires waiting for the correct kind of light which is intimately connected to the time of day and also the weather. To enhance these elements involves post processing of the image.

    Why landscapes?

    I enjoy observing the rhythms of nature and the effect that they have on the landscapes of Britain. Dynamic weather and its effect on the quality of light allow us to perceive and appreciate familiar landscapes in new ways. Beautiful landscapes can allow our problems to be put into perspective without judgment. Nature doesn't care how poor or rich you may be and money does little to change the experience. I believe that walking within a landscape (or even just a visit) can promote both physical and mental health. I would be immensely proud, if through my images I can inspire someone to engage with thehidden gems that are to be found within this country.

  • Horse under beech trees