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About Me...

  • Born in Birmingham in 1968, I have been lucky from the start to have travelled all over Britain. As a child I could lose myself drawing in great detail and also began a passion for maps. I gained a BTEC in Graphic Design at Sutton Coldfield College in 1986. Working as a designer and artworker for small firms, originally with paste-up and pens, in 1992 I began 17 years with local company Creative Insight and started using the AppleMac. At home, I took up acrylics and tried for the RA Summer Exhibition a few times. I had also played around with illustrating on the computer, designing buildings and doing album artwork for my private passion of making music. This illustration of Bournemouth flats was done in 1997 and this gradually became my chief artistic pastime. Though my own style, I am a fan of the paintings of the golden age of travel posters from the 20s-60s and the clean, bright approach of artists such as Frank Newbould.

  • Bournemouth flats

  • Longsummer is just me. I've used the name for some time because, like the illustrations, it conjures up clear sunny memories of beautiful places; and it can be a good name for many things. In 2009, I decided to live my dream of moving to Bournemouth and started up Longsummer as a business. I started selling at Lymington market in 2011.

  • Longsummer