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Manor Farm and Country Park

Victorian Life Special Activity

Staff led – KS1 & KS2

Our Victorian Life Special Activities start at 10.30am and run until 1pm. We have a variety of activities that can be catered to your requirements. A maximum of four can be selected.

These activities aim to bring history alive as the children spend the morning working alongside ‘Victorian’ farm staff.

Teachers and helpers are actively encouraged to assist with the delivery of the sessions, under guidance of the farm staff.

Domestic Life

This activity focuses on Victorian life; looking at washdays, where children will get to have a go at using a mangle. Children will also learn about food preservation, cleaning and living arrangements in our Victorian farmhouse.

Victorian School Room

A typical Victorian school lesson in our Victorian schoolroom. They will learn how to write with chalk and slate / pen and ink (depending on the age of the class). They will learn about how Victorian children were disciplined and punished. Our Victorian teacher will get the children to do some simple arithmetic and spelling.

Meet the Animals

Meet some of the smaller animals and discuss why they are so important on a Victorian farm and what they were used for. Children will get to explore what types of food are produced by farm animals.


Visit some of the larger animals around the farm and help the farmer with his daily duties. In most cases, children will learn about the process of milking in our milking parlour and how milking has changed over time. Children will have the chance to learn how to hand milk a cow. They will also be introduced to other animals around the farm.

Field to Table

This activity explores how crops are grown in the farmland fields and how they end up in food on our tables. Children will learn about the different crop production, how it is harvested and foods it can make? They will get to see the different types of grains grown on the farm and how it can also be used for animal feed, not just human consumption.

Mini Beasts

Children will get to look at different invertebrates and bugs that can be found in our woodland, gardens and the wider countryside. They will also get to learn about how small insects survive thanks to the use of camouflage.

School teacher

Children dressing up