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Manor Farm and Country Park

Ruth Goodman

Ruth Goodman

Brief career background

Well I’m self taught, I began in 1990 helping museums with elements of domestic history and interpretation. It started as a hobby and then turned into research. It turned out that not many people knew about the subject so it was easy for me to appear an expert. It happened by accident really, I was just interested and realised no one else has done the same type ofwork and it grew from there.

Filming of Wartime farm so far

It’s been great fun. The people at Manor Farm have been so nice, we were really welcomed and you could feel that. Everyone was enormously generous with their time and the effort they put in. It’s been a pleasure.

Filming highlight

Driving a tractor is pretty darn good, especially driving a tractor in the dark with a huge moon in the background. A beautiful moonlit night for night-ploughing was great.

What do you think was the biggest challenge faced by farmers during the second world war?

Exhaustion, when you look at how much extra food was grown in that time without any new technology or machinery, it really just required a lot more work.

Farmers worked incredible hours, men and women, doing hours you wouldn’t think possible, day in day out, year in year out and they just kept going. Really and truthfully they just worked harder and longer .

What appealed to you about this project?

I just like doing stuff for real and in practise. Reading is interesting but doing it is a whole different world. I really value having this opportunity because when I then go back to reading I understand it all ina completely new way.

Are you enjoying your time in Hampshire?

My husband is from Hampshire so I’ve been before, Autumn was beautiful. Sun sauntering through the trees and the river glinting in background, it’s wonderful.