Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Self-guided visits

Fun Ruck Sack

Why not hire a fun ruck sack for the day, we can provide mini-beasting equipment for your whole group including ID charts, blindfolds and much more. Ruck sacks cost £10 each and need to be booked in advance.


You have a choice of easy/medium routes or a hard route. (£1)

Space Trail

Believed to be the largest scale layout of the solar system in the British Isles. Devised by the Hampshire Astronomical Group. The trail is 2 miles and waymarked through the park. (Trail leaflet 50p)

Downland/Woodland Trails

Trails of varying duration allow you to explore many habitats and encompass spectacular views. Navigate by colour coded posts. Maps cost £1.

Mountain Biking

There are two trails designated for mountain-biking. The most suitable trail for all school groups is the purple trail which is 6km long and shown on the park map. Groups should be led by a qualified mountain biking instructor.