Royal Victoria Country Park

Health and Safety

Please note this is not a risk assessment but a guide to help you when completing your own.

Location Hazard Risk Severity Controls
Beach Possibility of drowning Low High Throw bags are available to borrow from the park
Coach / Car Parks Injury from traffic Low High 5 mph speed limits in place in car parks and 10mph on all other access roads on site. Activities should be held away from car parks. Vigilance and close group control
Site Wide Slips, trips and falls Med Low Play area and most used areas of park inspected daily, extremities inspected weekly
Cuts and scratches from plants Med Low Verbal warning in health and safety talk
Allergies to insects and plants Low Medium Ensure staff aware of group allergies and have antidotes
Dog bites Low Medium Signs around park to keep dogs on leads. Rangers give warning if inappropriate behaviour spotted
Snake bites Low High Verbal warning in introduction
Heat Exhaustion Low Medium Groups advised to bring plenty of water
Abduction/assault by member of public Low High Groups advised on ratios of adults to children and to make regular head counts.
Injury from falling trees and branches Low Medium Daily inspection of most used areas of site and weekly inspections of extremities. Trees surveyed yearly