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Shortheath Common

Shortheath Common

Shortheath Common in the east of the county is an interesting and diverse site covering 58 hectares (143 acres).

Located north east of the village of Oakhanger, this ancient common land has been awarded special conservation status in recognition of the habitats it encompasses.

Opportunities for recreation at Shortheath include walking, jogging and angling, and horse riders may enjoy views across the Common from the bridleways at the western and northern edges of the site. There is also huge scope for educational studies and activities focusing on the heath, woodland, grassland, pond and bog communities.

Volunteer work parties

Join us for a volunteer work party at Shortheath Common and help to protect the rare and important habitats found at the site whilst getting fit and meeting members of your local community!

Please do not disturb

Rare ground-nesting birds such as Woodlark and Nightjar are nesting at Shortheath Common. These birds migrate from as far away as South Africa to breed on our heathlands between March and the end of July each year.

These birds are very vulnerable to disturbance, particularly by dogs. When disturbed, the birds fly away from their nests, using up vital energy resources and leaving their young vulnerable to predation by birds, foxes and snakes.

Please help to protect these very beautiful but sadly increasingly rare birds by keeping to paths when visiting the site, and ensuring that your canine friends do the same! Thank you very much for your co-operation!



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Dogs at Shortheath Common

It is a legal requirement under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 that all dogs are kept on a short, fixed lead of no more than 2 metres in length on Open Access land between 1 March and 31 July.

As a registered Common, Shortheath is covered by this legislation.