Staunton Country Park

The Farm

Baby lamb

Let the kids loose around our Farm, and interact with the furry residents of Staunton. Get closer to our animals with animal feed from the shop or take part in the daily animal encounters.

Our Farm, based on the 1830s style ferme ormeé (ornamental farm) is home to many different animals ranging from the everyday farm animal, like Pigs, Sheep, Shetland ponies, a shire horse and Chickens to a selection of other animals such as llamas, a Poitou Donkey, Alpacas and our very own herd of Longhorn Cattle.

We have some real characters at the Farm, loved and visited time and time again. There’s KT our very own Tamworth Pig, brought here when she was just a tiny Piglet and was raised in the Rabbit House. There’s also our shy Barn Owl Amber who you can see flying around her cage throughout the day. Make sure you go into the Children’s Paddock and check out the cheeky Bagot Goats who love to take your food.

Animal feed can be purchased from the Visitor Centre subject to availability.

Hygiene around animals