Staunton Country Park

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Explore acres of ancient woodland and beautifully landscaped parkland at the award winning Staunton Country Park. You can escape to another age as you discover mysterious follies in these idyllic surroundings or enjoy a day out fishing on our huge lake.

The Victorian Coach House

This was once part of the Gothic Mansion and has been fully restored. It is currently used by our supported volunteers as part of the Beacon Community Partnership. Future developments plans for this remarkable building are being decided at this time, if you would like to be involved please contact us.

The Beacon

A small ionic temple built in 1830 from materials from the demolished Purbrook House. A Union flag was always hoisted on top of the Beacon to signal to Stansted when the lord of the manor was in residence.

Shell House

Built in 1828 of finely patterned flint, the Shell House was based on the design of the Chichester Cross. It's decorated with shells from Hayling Island, the house originally contained such unusual things as a stuffed crocodile, crystals or garnet and toucan's bills.

The Chinese Bridge

The Chinese Bridge was constructed in 1831 and the bridge with three arches originally had Chinese gateways at either end as well as decorative balustrades. Above the gateways used to be four Chinese inscriptions which read, LIN CHEE WHA YUEN (Thicket water flower garden), HAN FA MEI KIAO (Chinese style ornamented bridge), TSING TSIN YEAU WAN (Pleased to enter, amused, ramble) and PIN GAN JOU YEE (Health, peace, wishes accomplished).