Staunton Country Park

14-19 Learning, Further and Higher Education

Staunton’s Education Team can provide guided sessions, from 1 hour to full day courses. All guided sessions are tailored to the needs of your group.

Animal Care or Environmental Land Based

Level 1 or 2 sessions or entire course available.


Explore the park and discover the variety of animals, both domesticated and wild, that reside here. Students will learn about the Linnaean system of taxonomy and will use this information to classify the animals and plants they have identified around the park.


This session will begin with an introduction to adaptations from a member of the Staunton Education Team. The students will explore the various animals and plants within the park and will analyse their characteristics to create an overview of the adaptations of various animals and plants including drought-tolerant plants and minibeasts.

Education for Sustainable Development

Students will receive a presentation introducing the concept of sustainability as a holistic management technique and the various mechanisms that exist to achieve this. The pupils will have the opportunity to create a sustainability plan using the park as a case study.

Applied Science

During this session students find out about the types of scientific activity at the park as well as the job titles, qualifications and skills of the people who perform them.


Students will be introduced to the concept of conservation within a local, national and global context. Students will look at various environmental management techniques and analyse and assess the park in terms of conservation aims, exploring both modern and traditional techniques.

Park Management

Students will receive an introduction to the park as a business, heritage site, conservation area, commercial farm and recreational area. Students will have the opportunity to explore the political conflicts that may arise through various park operations and generate management concepts that may mitigate against any situations.

Gifted and Talented and Enterprise

We are happy to develop sessions to challenge your students.

Business, Leisure and Tourism

Choose to participate in an entire course or select required areas such as marketing, the Four Ps, conflicts, SWOT analysis and employment opportunities.