Staunton Country Park

Guided sessions

Foundation/Key Stage 1-4

The following activities have been planned in line with the current National Curriculum.

Staunton Sensory Stroll F/KS1KUW/Sci

Explore the park using your senses. Look at colours in nature, map the sounds of Staunton, and collect various textures. These activities will encourage children to use their senses to learn about nature.

Caring 4 Animals F/KS1/KS2KUW/Sci/Cit

Looking at farm, pet and exotic animals, children will learn what all animals need to survive and compare this to their own needs. This session discusses food, water and shelter and considers how animals get these things in the wild and through human care. Children will have the opportunity to meet some of our animals a little closer, as well as playing some farm-related games.

Adaptation to Habitat KS1/KS2Sci/Geo

Through a variety of outdoor activities, exploring different habitats and meeting some living examples, children will learn how plants and animals are able to survive in different environments. Children will learn the characteristics of various countries’ climates and habitats including rainforests, deserts and mountains.

Plants KS1/KS2Sci

Learn how plants live, grow and germinate, and investigate plants that are growing at Staunton. Children will be encouraged to think about how we use plants from both this country and tropical countries. Children will also play games to understand the importance of plants within food chains and as habitats.

Minbeasting KS1/KS2Sci

Which types of minibeast live at Staunton and why? Investigate the various habitats of the park. KS1 will be taught how to collect creatures safely, simple identification and recognition of body parts whilst KS2 will focus on classification, behaviour, food chains and habitats.

History and Mystery KS2/KS3Hist/Eng

Discover Staunton’s past, what did it once look like? Who lived there? Why were some of the buildings pulled down? Take a historic walk and compare physical with photographic and pictorial evidence. Children will also get the opportunity to make sketches and designs.

The Sounds of Staunton KS1/KS2Mus/Sci

Spend some time getting to know the various sounds of Staunton, mimic those sounds and compose rhythms using these sounds and natural objects. Investigate instruments made from plants and compose your own music, then it’s show time!

A Trip to the Tropics KS2/KS3Geo/Cit

Discover an abundance of tropical plants and animals in our glasshouses and find out where they originate from, how they are adapted to their environment, how they are essential to us and how we can save them! This session covers location, adaptation to habitat and sustainable development.

Art in the Park KS1-KS4Art/Eng

Using the park as a source of inspiration children will take part in a range of activities prior to familiarising themselves with the resources within nature. Children will then create artwork using a variety of mediums in various ways including 2D and 3D works as well as poetry.

Field to Fork KS2/KS3/KS4Sci/Cit

This session has been developed to introduce children to modern farming and help them discover how food ends up on our tables. Children will learn how crops are cultivated and how meat is reared, and examine various products that animals can provide us with. Children will take part in many activities such as making cheese and spinning wool.

Portsmouth Water

Water is Life KS2/KS3Sci

Our Water is Life programme has been developed in collaboration with Portsmouth Water Ltd. Children will undertake various experiments to learn the process of water filtration and how important water is to us and to animals.

Woodland Conservation KS3/KS4Sci/Cit

Students will explore Leigh Park Gardens and identify the characteristics of the woodland. They will be introduced to the importance of the woodland as a habitat and also the importance of it as a resource to humans. They will examine the role of the forester and gamekeeper, both traditionally and today, to understand the importance of sustainability as a management concept.

Leisure and Tourism KS3/KS4Ma/Bus

The group will be given a presentation to introduce the business, marketing and financial aspects of the park. They will have the opportunity to explore the park and undertake further activities relevant to their studies to reinforce business and economic concepts.