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Feed the birds in the harbour with our 50p bags of duck food.

Titchfield Haven Birds Day by Day
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Redeemable against all shop purchases including books, bird food, stationery, tableware, toys, entry tickets, season tickets/Culture-all Passports and works of art.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Gift vouchers may be exchanged for goods of a higher price than the face value of the vouchers on payment of the difference.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Only change up to the value of £1.00 will be given.
  • Gift Vouchers can only be used in Titchfield Haven Visitors Centre for payment against all shop merchandise including pictures from the Gallery and entry/season tickets/Culture-all Passport sales onto the Nature Reserve.
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  • Vouchers expire six months from date of purchase.

We have a good range of natural history books. If you don't see what you want on our shelves, we can usually obtain it within a few days.

Collins Bird Guide   Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland   Dragonflies of Great Britain   Identifying British Birds

House Sparrow

House Sparrow
, 3 in 1

Available to order only


Birch Nest Box

Metz Nest Box

Metz Nest Box


Bowland Nest Box
Bowland Nest Box


Oklahoma Bird Box
Oklahoma Nest Box

with slate roof


Pembroke Nest Box
Pembroke Nest Box


Birch open Nest Box
Birch (open) Nest Box


Nest Box Plates
Nest Box Plates

Available in 3 sizes £1.95 each

Nest Box Camera
Colour Camera Nest Box


Camera Nest Box internal
Colour Camera Nest Box (inside)



We have many cuddly toys, these are some of our "singing birds". Not to scale.

  • Great tit - large

    Great tit - large


  • Lapwing - large

    Lapwing - large


  • Blue tit - large

    Blue tit - large


  • Oystercatcher - large

    Oystercatcher - large



We carry a wide range of food and feeders for you to attract wildlife. Not to scale.

  • Butterfly Feeder

    Butterfly feeder
    Butterfly attractant


  • Feeder Seed

    Feeder seed
    Many varieties
    Sizes 1.5l to 30l
    Prices from £2.50 to £20.50


  • Seed Feeders

    Seed feeders
    Large metal £15.25
    Small plastic £3.95
    (for window)


  • Nyjer Feeder

    Nyjer feeder
    Metal £14.25
    Plastic £10.25


  • Peanut Cake with Seeds

    Peanut cake
    Litre £5.25 to £5.65
    500ml £3.25 to £3.75


  • Peanut Feeders

    Peanut feeders
    Large metal £13.95
    Small plastic £2.25
    (for hanging)


  • Seed Guardian

    Seed guardian



Not to scale

  • Bumble bee box

    Bumblebee boxes


  • Mason bee house

    Mason bee house £9.99
    With free bracket


  • Bat box double chamber

    Bat box
    double chamber £20.50


  • Hedgehog house

    Hedgehog house £45.00
    excluding toys


  • Ladybird tower

    Ladybird tower £10.99
    Attractant £2.95


  • Bat belfry

    Bat belfry £16.25



Feed the birds

Feed the birds in the harbour with our 50p bags of duck food