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Birdwatching activities

KS1/2/3 Sci/Geo/Eng/Ma/Art

Titchfield Haven is famous for its bird life. The site is designated a National Nature Reserve because it has internationally important populations of certain species.
The six hides around the reserve have been specially built to give people closer views of the birds and other wildlife such as fox and deer.

The Activity

Visits to the hides can follow either of two formats

  1. As part of a general guided tour of the reserve or part of a wider activity such as a river study. In this format, approximately 15 minutes is spent in each hide - the number of hides visited determined by the time allowed for the whole activity.
  2. Extended study in one hide. By spending 30-45 minutes in a single hide, greater time can be spent on specific subjects.


Subject area

Topics that can be covered in both formats include

  • Recognising different common bird species eg. ducks, geese, waders.
  • Bird adaptations - water birds are very good for studying adaptations as it is easy to see variations in lengths of bills and legs between species and link this with different feeding behaviour.
  • Bird colour - camouflage and courtship.
  • Bird behaviour - feeding, courtship, parenthood, defence.
  • Bird art - sketching and drawing.
  • Use of binoculars and telescope.
  • Seasonality - how wildlife changes between seasons.


For both formats (guided tour or extended study in one hide) a minimum of 1 hour should be allowed. This includes walking to and from hides.


Activity sessions

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