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Situated on the B3051 south of Kingsclere, this car park offers a beautiful view of Cannon Heath Down, the Gallops and The Warren. The view is visible directly from your car making it suitable for people with mobility difficulties who may not be able to visit more inaccessible Downland view points.

The site would also make a good stopping point for those of you who like to enjoy the countryside by bicycle. A variety of birds can be seen in and around the car park, including Linnets, Yellowhammers and Skylarks. Buzzards and Kestrels can sometimes be seen, Buzzards circling far overhead in search of their next meal, whilst Kestrels scour the land for prey at lower altitudes.

Those of you whom enjoy the view and scenery from this view point may wish to proceed from here to Beacon Hill. The site of an ancient Iron Age hill fort, its peak lies 261 meters above sea level and if the effort is made to climb provides an outstanding view of the surrounding countryside.