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14/10/2016 02:21pm


Are you doing your conservation/chop down a Christmas tree event again this year?

Many thanks,

Julie Routley

The Ranger Replies

We will be yes, more details will be sent out shortly. The information has been added to our online shop, but there is a bit of a problem with it at the moment and it can't be viewed. The planned date is the 4th December.



12/09/2016 04:10pm

wilma jordan

When are you restarting work on the Brandy Bottom track

The Ranger replies

Thank you for your enquiry. We are in the process of planning the works and we aim to run the grader over the track in early October, along with another track near Cricket Hill. These works will be superficial and not as extensive as earlier this year. Regards.



07/09/2016 03:38pm

Miriam ben-yehuda

I and my husband visited the NH white mountain park. On one of the hiking trails (marked trail) a bear crossed our trail 7-10meaters in front of us. We ran away making voices. We felt threatened . it was frightening. Were we in danger? Can we walk safelyin marked trails?

we are turistes and in our country there are bears only in the zoo.



The Ranger Replies

I think you have got us confused with someone else. We are a rangers team based in Yateley, England and don't manage a site called white mountain park.



30/08/2016 08:54am

hanneke legerstee

Dear Sir/Madam

I run Rambles and Brambles, an outdoor craft and activity group for kids ranging from 2-8 years old (with parents present). We do crafts with natural materials (leafs, stones etc) and forest school like activities like den building and whittling.

I would love to introduce the group to fire making skills but I do not have the availability of a site to make a fire at.

I was wondering if Yateley common could be used for this purpose? I have heard from various people there is a firepit present? I would be happy to pay a donation towards the use of the land. My group is covered under insurance and I have had training in how to make a responsible fire. We maintain a 'leave no trail' policy and are respectful of nature and our environment.

Thank you very much for considering my request.

Kind regards,
Hanneke Legerstee

Rambles and Brambles

The Ranger Replies

Thank you for your enquiry. The group and activities sound lovely, it's good to hear the children are getting to explore the great outdoors and learn a variety of skills.

We do not currently accept external groups using the common in this way. A license process is being looked in to for groups such as this which would include a charge, but we are not currently in the position to have this in place. As an additional bit of information we do not allow fires anywhere on the common due to the health and safety risks of this on a Heathland site and it's against the byelaws.

If you would like any other information please contact us at northern.sites@hants.gov.uk.



23/08/2016 10:41am


Hi, my dog went in to the larger pond at wyndhams today, is there blue green algae present?

The Ranger Replies

From seeing the pond Wendesday afternoon there were no signs of it. If you are concerned I would recommend contacting your vet for advice.



13/07/2016 11:35am

Peter Shaw

Whilst at Yately Common today popped my head into the disused electrical sub station roughly 0.25 miles East of Ely Pub, 10m north of the A30 road, opposite the layby. (Hope you know what I mean). Looks like someone has illegal fly tipped Asbesto roofing material and left it in the brick hut.

The ranger replies

Thank you for reporting this to us, we will investigate it. In the future to report this sort of incident please email northern.sites@hants.gov.uk as we may be able to pick it up quicker.



13/06/2016 02:27pm


Hi earlier on today whilst walking my dog. We came across a carcass of a young dear on the path running parallel to Fernhill road in Hawley Woods.

Looked and smelt about 5days old, Just thought you needed to know!

The Ranger replies

Thanks for your report of the dead deer. Unfortunately, this area of land (Hawley Common) is not part of HCC owned Yateley Common and as such we do not have management of the land. This area is owned and managed by the MoD, so they would be responsible for the removal of any carcasses.



15/04/2016 02:56pm

joanne nye

do you need a riding permit to horse ride in either hawley or minely woods?

are you permitted to unload a horse in the parking down by hawley lake sailing club?

The Ranger Replies

Thank you for your question. Hampshire County Council's Countryside Service is not responsible for either Hawley wood or Minley Wood.  These areas are both part of the Military of Defence Land.

Many Thanks



07/03/2016 08:14am

Janet Clarke

Please could you let me know when you are going to stop the bonfires as my car is covered in white debris.This is the second time I have paid to have it cleaned and you have a bonfire!

My washing on a good day I like to put outside. It comes in at the moment smelling of bonfire. So have to use the tumble dryer.

The Ranger replies

I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced with the works taking place on the common. All the felling works have now ceased and the clear up is nearly complete. I am not exactly sure where you live, but the clear up at Vigo Lane is all but complete and the clear up at The Flats is due to be completed over the next week. I hope you agree that the work has been worthwhile and contributes to recreating the open landscape of the common helping to protect it's conservation status into the future.



02/03/2016 10:37am


hi there i hope you can help while walking my dogs in hawley park this morning i stepped on a piece of slate on the ground which broke under my weight which revealed to my horror an animal trap! i noted another piece of slate a little bit away and checked that to find another trap!

i have reported this to the police and i did remove the two traps. Can you help with this issue? I am very worried about this as someone is out to cause harm.

The Ranger replies

Thank you for your enquiry. Having spoken to you directly via email I can now confirmthat these traps were not on land known as Yateley Common, but Hawley Green at the crossroads in Hawley. As I understand it, the Police have been informed and the traps have been removed.

Thank you for getting in touch.


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