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12/03/2015 01:18pm


Hello, I have a few super important questions to ask. Please answer as soon as possible.

1) Why is Yatley common interesting?

2) What different species are there?

3) How is it protected/managed? and is this successful?

4) What organisations are responsible for it's maintenance?

5) Does Yatley common promote the Brundland definition of sustainable development?

Many thanks, I look forward to your insightful answers.

The Ranger replies

Thank you for your enquiry. You can find a wealth of information on our website at www.hants.gov.uk/countryside/yateley-country-park . Some of your questions are a little ambiguous and far reaching, so if you would like to email northern.sites@hants.gov.uk with more specific details, I'm sure we will be able to help you.. Regards.



09/03/2015 01:43pm

Jo James

Hi, we are a group of mum's with pushchairs hoping to visit the country park this Wednesday.

I wondered if you could recommend the best car park for an easy access route round the common? I notice from the map that the more central car park is near a pub which would be beneficial to us after our walk.

Are there any facilities in the park like toilets or cafe? Just so we know what to plan. Also if you can just a route /circular walk that takes an hour to an hour and a half that would be great.

Many thanks in advance


The Ranger replies

Thank you for your enquiry.

The best car park for you to access the Common depends very much on which part of the site you particularly want to visit. I would recommend Wyndham's Pool car park off Cricket Hill Lane. There are many local hostelries you could visit, but the two nearest pubs are The Cricketers on Cricket Hill Lane and The Ely on the A30.

Yateley Common Country Park isn't your traditional country park and as such does not have any facitlities such as a shop, cafe or toilets. The tracks around the site are unmade paths of gravel and sand so it would be advised to use an 'off road' buggy if you have one.

If you look at our website www.hants.gov.uk/countryside/yateley-country-park there is additional information on the site. There are a couple of walks promoted on there; Three Ponds Walk is 5km and Heathland Walk is 2km both give good opportunities to enjoy the local countryside. A downloadable map is also available for both these walks.

Enjoy your visit!



09/03/2015 01:44pm

Alison Tizard

What is the current state of the Gravel Pit Pond regarding water levels, flora and fauna? What conservation work is being carried out there (if any)? What are your plans for its future? Many thanks

The Ranger replies

The Gravel Pit has been an important feature of Yateley Common for many years. Water levels in the recent past have been quite good due to the wetter winters. The pond supports many insects, amphibians and birds, but does have a problem of being infested with New Zealand pygmyweed. This invasive plant is extremely difficult, in fact near on impossible, to eradicate. The pond is due to be surveyed to look at all these things which will help to inform future management of the pond and the surrounding area.



09/03/2015 01:44pm

Philip Martin

What is the email address for the Hampshire County Council office where I could lodge a comment supporting the proposed grazing on the common?

Look forward to your reply.


Philip Martin

Yateley GU46 6NX

The Ranger replies

Hello and thanks for your email. Any comments you wish to make on the fencing application should be sent directly to commonlandcasework@pins.gsi.gov.uk. Many thanks for your interest.



10/02/2015 03:22pm

Richard Barnes

Many thanks for putting the plans online. I have two questions:

1) Why is there going to be a new fence along the track that runs alongside Gibraltar barracks from A327 Minley Lane? Won't the existing fence for the barracks suffice?

2)Do you have a supply of animals to graze the common? Hornley Common was fenced off and is rarely grazed (a whole year went by with no grazing once) as they struggle to find suitable grazing animals.

The Ranger replies

In response to your questions;

1) I would ask that you direct this question to the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust for a response. This area of the common is managed by them and they have specific reasons for implementing this course of action. Please contact Elliott Fairs (elliott.fairs@hiwwt.org.uk) and he will be able to give you more information.

2) I am not party to the discussions about grazing on Hornley Common so cannot comment on that in particular. Grazing the Country Park area of Yateley Common would be done slowly at first with minimal livestock density to ensure the grazing is effective and that the local public have time to familiarise themselves with the scheme. We do not have a particular grazier in mind at present, but we are working towards a more in depth grazing plan should this scheme go ahead. This will include numbers and breed of animals.

Thank you for your interest.



29/01/2015 11:29am

Richard Barnes

Can I view the fencing plans online rather than going to yateley library??

The Ranger replies

Thank you for your enquiry. We are currently preparing the documents for publication online. It is hoped that they will be available to view online from the evening of Friday 30th January. Alternatively, hard copies of the supporting documentation can be requested, but there is a charge of £25 to cover the cost of printing and postage. Should you require this service please email row.notices@hants.gov.uk. Thank you.



23/01/2015 01:49pm

Nikki Merritt

Upon driving along the A30 from Hartley Wintney to Blackbushe Airport, i have noticed that items have been hung from the trees (cans, bottles, cds etc). Why is this please?

The Ranger replies

Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your enquiry as I do not know the answer. The land in question is not owned or managed by Hampshire County Council other than the short section of Yateley common between Blackbushe Airport and the Cricket Hill roundabout. I can only suggest that the hanging of items in the trees along the road is in memory of someone who had an accident on this stretch of road or as a way of warding off evil spirits? I am sorry I cannot be more help in this instance.



12/01/2015 11:08am

Simon Dodsworth

Hi, I'm hoping you can help with a plant ident. The valley bottom by the stream at Castle Bottom is full of bushes/shrubs approx 1 - 1.5 m high. What leaves they have at this time of year are long and narrow - a flat oval shape in fact, without any serrations along the edges. Would you know what they are likely to be?

I can send a pic if it helps.

Many thanks.

The Ranger Replies

Thank you for your interest in Castle Bottom NNR. It would be extremely helpful if you could send us a photo of the plant you are interested in and we can identify it correcty for you. Please email us at northern.sites@hants.gov.uk.



24/11/2014 09:38am

Stephen Woolf

Am I permitted to pick wild mushrooms on Yateley common for my own personal consumption (i.e. Not for commercial purposes)?

The Ranger Replies

Hello. You can collect the four 'F's' for your own use - Flowers, Fruit, Foliage and Fungi. The same question was asked very recently and the answer was posted on 02/10/2014. Please refer to this response where you will find more details. Many thanks.



13/10/2014 03:14pm


Hi there.

Just wodering if it is OK to take away some branches that have already fallen for wirewood? i thought i would ask before taking!



The Ranger replies

Thank you for asking, but unfortunately this is not allowed. Certain properties around the Common do have Rights of Common which allows them to take wood legally, but beyond this, the collection of fallen wood is prohibited. Yateley Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and as such, fallen deadwood is valuable to many invertebrates and in turn, therefore, many other animals. We do sell logs with free delivery to local residences.


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