Yateley Country Park


If you want to learn more about the site, its habitats and its history, the site rangers provide a variety of events and education activities throughout the year. Events are regularly added to our What’s on page, and schools and groups can arrange educational visits based on our school’s education programme.

Angling at Wyndham’s Pool & Hospital Pond

Wyndham’s Pool holds some large carp, and is also populated with other coarse fish such as perch, roach, tench and pike. The track to Wyndham’s Pool and Hospital Pond is just off Cricket Hill Lane, a few hundred metres up the hill from the Cricketers Pub.

There is no fishing allowed on the A30 pond or Strood Pool. These ponds are regularly electro-fished to remove as many of the fish as possible. This is undertaken to provide the best possible habitat for dragonfly nymphs and other invertebrate larvae that can be heavily predated by fish. Electro-fishing is usually harmless and is regularly used to survey fish stocks.

Management of the Fishing

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The fishing on Wyndham’s Pool and Hospital Pond is leased by Hartley Wintney Angling Society, who are responsible for the day to day running of the ponds and fishing. More information about the Hartley Wintney Angling Society.

Fishing is open to members of HWAS and also by purchase of a day ticket. Day Tickets must be purchased in advance from Yateley Angling Centre, 12/16 The Parade, Yateley, Hants, GU46 7UN, 01252 861955

Cost £5 from Yateley Angling Centre. Anglers (over 12 years of age) should also hold a current Environment Agency Rod Licence. Those found not to have a valid day ticket will be charged £10 on the bank.

A closed season operates from 15 March to 15 June. This is because the Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and Natural England stipulate this condition.

Site Rules

  • No fishing allowed on the A30 pond or Strood Pool.
  • No fishing without a valid HWAS permit or day ticket
  • Night fishing is open to HWAS permit holders only
  • No Keepnets
  • No Ground bait
  • Barbless hooks only
  • No fixed leads
  • All fish to be returned to the water, no fish to be removed
  • No introductionoffish
  • Landing net andUnhooking mat required
  • EA rod license is required, and must be presented on request
  • A Maximum of 2 Rods per one angler to be used
  • Any rod set up on the bank will be considered to be in us
  • All anglers must ensure their swim and surrounding area is free of litter at all times
  • No Fires
  • No Swimming, Boating or remote control boats

A list of rules can be found in the Wyndham’s Pool Car park. Any infringements of these rules will result in offenders being asked to leave the venue, and may result in a permanent ban


Yateley Common has a large network of bridleways and permissive bridleways.

The network of routes which are accessible on horseback and bicycle are clearly marked on the ground with blue arrowed posts.


Dogs are welcome at Yateley Common Country Park and we value the contribution that responsible owners can bring. Please follow these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

  • Yateley Common Country Park is home to lots of wildlife, including Adders. To reduce the risk of your dog getting injured, always keep it nearby and in sight. Stay calm and phone the vet immediately if it’s bitten.
  • Please do not let your dog approach or chase wildlife or grazing animals; it can cause serious injury or stress, and your dog can get lost or run over. Use a lead if necessary.
  • Please keep your dog on the paths from 1 March to 31 July. This is when many birds nest on or near the ground, even in short vegetation. Even friendly dogs will scare birds away from their nests – the chicks will starve or get eaten by predators.
  • Please don’t let your dog approach other people uninvited, especially children, horse riders and picnickers. Children may be frightened and horses spooked even by friendly dogs.
  • Clean up after your dog around the car parks, picnic areas and entrances – bag it and take it home. Away from these areas, it’s OK to just flick it off the path.
  • To ensure your dog returns home safely, make sure it always wears a collar bearing your name, address and mobile phone number.
  • Download Paws on the Common, Guide to a safe and enjoyable visit to Yateley Common Country Park

Please keep to the bridleways which are clearly marked with blue arrowed posts, and do not stray off the line of the path. This helps to protect the delicate habitats found on the Common.

Please ride with consideration to other site users and remember that some may be frightened of horses. Please ride slowly past pedestrians and cyclists.

Please take your litter home. Litter can be dangerous to wildlife.

Please guard against Fires. The heathland is at extreme risk from fires, and will burn quickly.

Please do not damage or remove any rocks or plants from the site. They are an important part of the habitat and may be home to many small creatures.

Please keep dogs under control. The site is home to many important nesting birds, which are easily disturbed by dogs.


Wydhams Lake


  • No motorised vehicles
  • No Fires
  • No Shooting or hunting
  • No Fishing except in Wyndham’s Pool with a valid ticket
  • No advertising
  • No camping

Full details of the site Byelaws are available on the back of Yateley Common entrance boards

Safety Tips

Take extreme care when crossing the A30, Cricket Hill Lane, or Reading Road. Vehicles move very fast along these roads and drivers may not see you approaching.

Always ride according to the conditions; parts of the bridleways may become muddy in wet weather.