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MFD and Document Solutions – Frequently asked questions

Are there minimum copy/print volumes?

No, County Supplies doesn’t support minimum copy/print volume arrangements. If you use one copy/print, you are only charged for one copy/print.

What is the rate of charge for A3 pages?

A3 copies are charged at the same rate as A4, even on colour copies. Cost per page costs will be per printed page and will not vary with page size.

What’s included in my cost per page?

The cost per page is mandatory with all contracts and includes all toner (inc. colour), staples, service, labour, parts and preventative maintenance.

Are there any other charges besides the rental and copy costs?

No. Other companies will often charge for administration, delivery, set-up, networking, training, and even collection of the machine at the end of the contract.

If I am having serious problems with my machine, who should I contact?

If a problem cannot be fixed or resolved through the normal service procedure, with the supplier’s service division, you should contact Tracey Mort at County Supplies on (01962) 826926. Our position allows us to get issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

How long does it take for consumables to be delivered?

All consumables should be delivered free of charge within two working days.

Who is responsible for insuring the equipment?

Machines rented under this agreement are insured by the Supplier against loss or damage (excluding deliberate or negligent acts).

Can the costs increase during the life of the contract?

No. The rental costs and copy charges will not be increased during the primary contract period.

What happens at the end of my contract period?

A letter will be sent by County Supplies two months prior to the contract’s expiry date detailing the options available, including taking a new machine or taking advantage of contract extension discounts. The machine will be collected free of charge but please do not allow any third party to remove your rented equipment.

What would I have to pay to terminate my contract early?

Early contract terminations will incur a charge for the outstanding rentals remaining on your contract. If you are terminating early due to your organisation closing down then your contract will be terminated without penalty. Further advice should be sought from Tracey Mort on (01962) 826926. Many other companies will charge you for expected copy volumes as well.

What happens if the service levels are not met?

The contracted supplier will pay you compensation should the service levels in the contract not be fulfilled. Please contact Tracey Mort on (01962) 826926 if you are experiencing problems so she can take appropriate action with the supplier.

I have switched suppliers, how can I get my old machine collected?

Please complete our online Photocopier collection request form at the same time as you place your order for the new one. Collection will take place within 15 working days of the Supplier being in receipt of this official collection request form. The Supplier will contact you to organise an appropriate collection date but this will be collected free of charge.

How much will it cost to move the location of my machine?

The relocation of a machine on the same floor within a building is free of charge. Machines requiring cross building relocation will be re-sited free of charge. Suppliers will require a minimum of 10 working days’ notice to ensure the relocation is completed on the specified date. To inform Suppliers of a relocation request please complete our online Photocopier relocation request form.

Where can I obtain a new contract or extension form?

Contract and extension forms can be downloaded from this website.

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