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Cash Collection Service – Contract Reference HS/1673


Unit 4, Lancer House,
Hussar Court,
Westside View,
PO7 7SE.

Contact: Nikki Greenfield – Team Leader

Tel: 0844 800 4205


Arrangement/contract period

1 June 2007 to 31 March 2014.

Areas covered

This service is availble for use by schools and all HCC departments.

Services offered

Deposits via the carrier's processing centre

  • Two types of collection services for notes and coins:
    - Business Link – for collection values up to £7,500 (excluding cheques) per collection
    - Cash in Transit – for collection values above £7,500 in multiples of £20,000 per collection (eg. a collection of £13,000 would be charged as one consignment; a collection of £43,000 would be made up of two packages of £20,000 and one package of £3,000 and therefore charged as three consignments).

  • Processing and consolidation by carrier.

  • Transfer to banks within 24 hours.

  • Induction for first time users and a user guide.

  • Customer Service Hotline with dedicated team members.

Deposits direct to the Council's bank

  • For collections over £1,500, of which no more than £150 is coin, Direct Access is available. This allows deposits to be made directly to the Council's bank, bypassing the carrier's processing centre and therefore reducing costs.
  • Induction for first time users and a user guide.
  • Customer Service Hotline with dedicated team members.

Collection days and times

Between 9.00am and 5.00pm (4.00pm for schools), Monday to Friday. An out-of-hours collection time can be arranged at an additional charge.

Scheduled collections falling on a bank holiday will occur the next working day. Bank holiday collections can be arranged but will be charged at double rate.

Ordering method

Contact Nikki Greenfield, Team Leader, prior to raising your first official order. You will need to provide the following details:

  • The full name and address, including the postcode, of your site.
  • Which type of service you require (see above).
  • The day(s) the collection(s) is(are) required.
  • Number of weeks per year (eg. if a school wants term-time collection only, 39 weeks per year).

Invoices will be issued monthly in arrears. Two per month, for cash collection and for processing.

Your responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for ensuring that the correct service is selected.
  • If your collection value breaches indemnity limits you will not be covered in the event of loss. You will be able to pre-arrange higher indemnity limits on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • Cheques are carried at nil value on the basis that audit trails are kept by yourselves. This is a continuation of the current practice.

Preferential prices and terms

For Hampshire County Council customers prices, including parking machine collections, are available on SRM. For external customers please contact Jamie Butt at County Supplies.

Enquiries to

Sarah Wild, Procurement Officer

County Supplies, Bar End Road, Winchester SO23 9NR.

Tel: (01962) 826909

Fax: (01962) 826964