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First Aid Training Courses – Contract Reference HS/1916


St John Ambulance
South East Region
St John House
Stocton Close

Tel: 0844 770 4800


Courses offered

  • First Aid at Work*
  • First Aid at Work Requalification*
  • Annual refresher training for First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders.
  • Emergency First Aid at work*
  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED)*
  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Requalification*
  • Early Years First Aid (Paediatric)
  • School First Aid
  • Anaphylaxis First Aid Course (3 Hours)*
* First aiders trained by St John Ambulance are covered by third party insurance with these courses (see below for details).

Arrangement/contract period

1 July 2010 to 30 June 2016.

Ordering method

St John Ambulance provides regular training in venues across Hampshire. Once managers have agreed that staff require first aid training a suitable date and location for training can be found on the St John Ambulance website at To book a course, simply phone St John Ambulance and provide them with the relevant information, quoting the Contract Reference number (HS1916).

Currently, we recommend that people DO NOT use the website to book a place on a course as they will be charged the standard rate and not the reduced rate agreed in the contract.

Preferential prices and terms

For Hampshire County Council customers, prices are available on SRM. For external customers please contact Sarah Wild at County Supplies.

One further cost saving option is available from this contract. If a suitable training venue can be provided locally and there are 10 – 12 staff who need the same training, St John will provide a trainer at a set rate. With 10 staff attending this gives a slight reduction over the rate for booking a place, but if all 12 staff attend, this provides further reductions in the price per delegate below the contract price.


All first aiders trained by St John Ambulance (on courses starred * above) are automatically covered for third party insurance. This means that first aiders are covered by insurance if they assist someone while they are not at work.

Enquiries to

Sarah Wild, Procurement Officer

Tel: (01962) 826909