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Surplus Equipment Disposal

For information:

County Supplies is involved on a regular basis with the disposal of equipment which has been referred to us by various customers as being surplus to their current requirements. Such disposals are covered by the Authority's Financial Regulations and these Regulations require that competitive tenders should usually be obtained for assets whose anticipated value is more than £15,000.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • (a) where the value is anticipated to be less than £15,000.
  • (b) where there is an obligation to dispose of assets in an effective and fair manner with a record being kept.
  • (c) where the equipment is merely being transferred to an alternative department.
  • (d) where, under the LMS scheme, a governing body is free to exercise its discretion.

Wherever possible County Supplies will be pleased to assist you in disposing of your surplus or obsolete equipment.

Enquiries to:

Colin Russell, Senior Procurement Officer

Tel: (01962) 826907