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Food waste collection and recycling

Throwing away unwanted food comes at a cost, both to you and the environment. Of the 20 million tonnes of food products that we dispose of each year, most of it ends up in landfill sites – and this comes at a price.

Biodegradable waste disposed of in landfill sites produces methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas. The Government imposed landfill tax to discourage people from disposing of waste this way. The tax is increasing annually until it reaches £72 per tonne in 2013.

How this service can help

SITA will provide a bespoke food collection caddy complete with compostable liners, to keep indoors and a larger 240 litre wheelie bin for outdoors.  SITA UK will collect your food waste once a week and turn the waste into compost using the latest technologies.  SITA UK can also provide updates showing how much waste your organisation has diverted from landfill and how much carbon you saved.

Benefits to you

  • Demonstrates your environmental commitment to customers.
  • Reduces your landfill costs.
  • Less odour and mess in your general waste container.
  • Container cleaning service available if required.

Weekly service offer

£11.00 + VAT per bin lift.  Price includes free bin(s) and compostable bin liners.

What to place in your collection bin

  • Fruit and vegetables – raw and cooked, including peelings
  • Meat and fish – raw and cooked
  • Egg shells
  • Rice, pasta and cereal
  • Bread, cakes and pastries
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Leftover food from dishes and plates
  • Dairy products

Do not place plastic bags, glass, cans, paper, any packaging material or containers into the collection bin.

More information

To find out how you can arrange a food waste collection for your site, or to to find out more about the service, please contact SITA UK’s Fareham depot on (01329) 223344 or 223345.

Alternatively, contact:

Julie Price, Procurement Officer

Tel: (01962) 826910