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Crafty Ideas Gallery

These are all examples of the Crafty Ideas projects featured in the latest edition of Festive Crafts.

Snowman on skis

Skiing Snowman

This cute snowman decoration is simple to make from felt, paper balls and pipecleaners. It will look just right on your Christmas table or tree.

Beaded decorations

Beaded Decorations

These beaded decorations are fun and very easy to make. All you need is a few pipecleaners, some beads and your imagination!

Morris hat

Morris Dancer's Hat

Don't just make the hat – make the whole Morris costume, pick up your sticks and away you go! The hat can also be adapted to make an Easter bonnet.

Springtime gift nests

Springtime Gift Baskets

These spring baskets are a little bit different and are perfect for giving treats to friends and family at Easter.