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Purchasing principles

Hampshire Waste Minimisation Environmental Purchasing Principles

Purchaser's responsibilities

  1. In order to minimise environmental impact, products will not be purchased or specified if practical alternatives or working methods are available.

  2. The use of the least environmentally damaging products will be promoted wherever possible, i.e. from sustainable sources. Products capable of being reused, repaired or recycled will be preferred to disposable products and those wholly or partly made from recycled products will be favoured, providing they meet the standard or specification required.

  3. Product suitability and performance will recognise value for money objectives throughout the product life cycle.

  4. Suppliers/manufacturers will be vetted where appropriate to verify compliance with environmental purchasing principles.

  5. Purchasers will seek to encourage the development and marketing of environmentally friendly products and materials through buying preferences.

  6. Purchasers will seek to encourage manufacturers and suppliers to eliminate or reduce all unnecessary printing and packaging.

Supplier's responsibilities

  1. Where packaging is necessary to retain the integrity of a product it shall be reusable or recyclable wherever possible.

  2. Manufacturers will be encouraged to supply products where they are prepared to retrieve and recycle used or waste materials.

Council's Responsibilities

  1. To promote the purchasing policy in order that external organisations may be encouraged to adopt similar practice.

  2. The purchasing policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with changes in environmental legislation and reflect best environmental practice.