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For further information on ordering and delivery please contact County Supplies Customer Services on (01962) 826999 or e-mail

Placing an order

County Supplies stock ordering and delivery

Stock items in the catalogue carry a six digit catalogue number, a unit of issue and a price for the current financial year. These items are delivered on scheduled days by County Supplies from our warehouse in Winchester.


The E-Store is available for use by all Hampshire County Council internal customers. It can be used to order County Supplies stock and direct delivery items.


All customers outside of Hampshire County Council, once registered, can now order online using County Supplies Online. All Portsmouth and Southampton City Council customers can order via their own authorities’ electronic catalogues.

Order form

Orders for items bearing a catalogue number should be made on your official order form or a County Supplies order form (supplied free of charge, cat no. 880955).

Direct supplier ordering and delivery

Items ordered and delivered direct to you by any of our external suppliers can be recognised in the catalogue by the yellow and black Contract Reference box at the foot of the product details. By quoting the Contract Reference number (eg. HS/1234) on your order, you will not only benefit from the preferential prices, but will also have the protection of the contract terms we have negotiated on your behalf, including insurance levels. Orders for Direct Delivery products or services should be made on your official order.

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