County Supplies – About us

County Supplies is a major purchasing and supply organisation. We are a business unit of Hampshire County Council (in the Culture, Communities and Business Services Department (CCBS)) and a member of the Central Buying Consortium.

As a member of CBC, we are also part of Pro5 procurement consortium.

On behalf of our customers, over £100 million worth of goods and services are purchased annually through Hampshire and national businesses. County Supplies aims to purchase as competitively as possible, maximising our purchasing power particularly through the Central Buying Consortium. This service is managed by our professional buying staff and translates into maximum value for money for our customers.

Our customers

In addition to schools, colleges, Adult Services homes, libraries, police and fire stations in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, we supply district councils, independent schools and many non-profit making community groups and voluntary organisations. For information on becoming a new customer, and to check eligibility, please see our open an account page.

Deliveries from our stock

At our warehouse in Winchester we stock over 3,000 commonly used items, all listed and illustrated in our County Supplies Catalogue of Goods and Services. Prices are normally fixed for a year at a time, helping customers to budget with confidence and to spread their orders evenly across the year. Weekly deliveries are made to all areas of Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, with special facilities for the collection or free rapid next-day delivery of urgently required items.

Deliveries direct from our suppliers

An extensive range of goods and services – everything from fuels to food – is available on contracts negotiated by our buyers for supply to users directly from manufacturers and distributors.

Your promise of our standards

A prime objective is to provide customers with the right ranges of goods and the right quality standards to suit their needs, with careful attention to safety. New products are constantly being evaluated. In all this work an important lead is given by our user groups.

The environment and our responsible buying

We have a firm policy of seeking products and services which service the needs of the customer and avoid harming the environment. Our specialist buying teams keep abreast of research and development into environmental issues and purchase goods and services in the light of that knowledge and with the guidance received from our user groups.