Hampshire Cultural Trust

School visits to the Curtis Museum

The Curtis Museum welcomes young visitors and is developing a range of opportunities which support classroom learning.

Exploring Toys – KS1

A led session lasting one and a half hours and using a range of sorting, matching and decision-making activities. Pupils handle and explore a range of toys from our collections, aged from Victorian through to contemporary toys

Remembrance Day KS1

November only - Investigate Remembrance Day using Susan Varley’s Badger’s Parting Gifts as a focus. Make a class  wreath, handle museum objects and explore music and memorials. Note: The Curtis Museum is located next door to Alton’s War Memorial.

Please contact the Museum if you are interested in this session.

Investigating the Past - KS2

This 2 hour session gives young historians the opportunity to use a range of resources including historic maps of Alton, museum objects and census material to investigate the Victorians and solve a family mystery .

Alton's Saxon Graves - KS2

A 2 hour session which enables pupils to explore aspects of everyday life in Anglo-Saxon Britain through examining the Curtis Museum collection and study of Mount Pleasant Anglo-Saxon cemetery. We especially focus on Grave 16, where the Alton Buckle was found.

Pupil playing numbers hopscotch

Important information

  • For individual session prices, please contact the Museum
  • Hazard information to support risk assessment


The museum doesn’t have toilets for visitors, however we are happy to make our toilet available for visiting pupils.

While we don’t have a lunchroom, the garden across the road at The Allen Gallery may be available during fine weather. The Allen Gallery has a toilet for visitors.

Our small Gift Shop has a range of pocket money items

How to book a visit to a community museum gives you step-by-step guidelines – simply note the name of the session you would like, the museum’s telephone number and see the guidelines.