My Journey

My Journey - Cycling

Have you thought about using cycling for at least some of your regular, short journeys? Or for part of a longer journey? Do you have a bike sitting at home that you keep meaning to make more use of, but just need a little motivation or encouragement?

Cycling has so many benefits; not only is it a fun, sociable and healthy activity, it also has the capacity to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. What is more, cycling in towns is often faster than other means of transport.

My Journey is a project that has been set up to support people to choose more sustainable forms of travel, including cycling.

Everyone who lives in Hampshire is entitled to 2 hours of very low cost adult cycle training. At only £5 this training can be tailored to your needs.
Once booked, our appointed provider will contact you to discuss details.

Go on, get more active, improve your fitness and discover the fun and freedom that cycling gives you!