Dementia Friendly Hampshire

Dementia Friendly Hampshire

Hampshire is proudly working to create dementia friendly communities

  • Did you in 14 people over 65…

  • …and one in six people over 80 has a form of dementia...

  • ...yet less than half of people with dementia feel part of their community.

    The Alzheimer’s Society, 2013.

The aim is for the community at large to have a greater awareness of what dementia is and how those who have been diagnosed might be feeling. People across the County are working to promote the need for understanding, clear communication, patience and support throughout Hampshire. Ultimately, the aim is to forge a community spirit in which people with dementia will be able to live independently for longer, but with help and support when they need it.

The programme has included the creation of:

Everyone is working to help people to live well with dementia

As an individual, a business or organisation please get involved

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“Seeing Mum smile again is the most positive thing for me - it’s just great to see her happy in her home and enjoying her life again. She’s able to live independently and live well. She has structure in her life and things to look forward to and that helps tremendously. She’s able to live a normal life and carry on, thanks to the support in place.”

Kim Dunkason

Daughter of Doreen, a lady with dementia who lives in Romsey