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Save money, feel fitter and enjoy life more

Drink less

Do you want to improve your health, wealth and social wellbeing by cutting down on alcohol?

Have you ever wondered exactly how many units of alcohol are in your drink?

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  • Alcohol and weight

    Cutting down on drinking will help you lose weight. Did you know that a glass of wine has the same calories as a slice of cake?

    Take a look at the alcohol calorie table to review how many calories you are drinking

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  • Drink less

    Do you want to cut down on your drinking? Try getting help and support from your family or friends.

    Take the right approach and ask for support from people you know to help you drink less


Alcohol awareness week

Myths about drinking

Isn’t drinking supposed to be good for the heart?

What's your poison: A sober analysis of alcohol and health in the media is a must-read for anyone who wants the facts on whether the headlines are true