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School activities

Eastleigh Museum welcomes young visitors to study our permanent display of Eastleigh in the 1930s, which includes room sets and a range of local artefacts. You can also visit our regular changing exhibitions in the special exhibitions gallery. Our special exhibitions often have specific opportunities for schools.

First World War Commemorations

To accompany our special exhibition Soldiers’ Journey – From to home to war 1914 – 1918, which runs until 11 January 2015, we are offering the following sessions:

  • Hampshire’s War – The People’s Journey
    This session has been developed to compliment our exhibition Soldiers’ Journey – from home to war 1914 – 1918, which runs 11 October 2014 – 11 January 2015. Pupils will have the chance to use a range of historic sources to explore the past including photographs, artefacts and documents. The session also includes some time exploring the exhibition. For KS2, lasting 2 hours.

  • What are we remembering on Remembrance Day?
    Using Susan Varley’s book Badger’s Parting Gifts as a focus, this session has series of hands-on activities to help children understand the significance of Remembrance Day and explore ways of remembering. For KS1, lasting 1.5 hours. We recommend you extend your visit to 2 hours and spend time after your session visiting the exhibition.

  • Remembrance
    Pupils will receive a letter before their visit asking them to form a special Committee to help commemorate the people of Hampshire who died in the First World War as part of 2014’s centenary commemorations*. Through a series of activities, pupils will consider different types of commemoration and remembrance, from the traditional memorial to the contemporary wristband. For KS2, lasting 1.5 hours. We recommend you extend your visit to 2 hours and spend time after your session visiting the exhibition. *We can tailor your letter so it is more locally-focussed.

Our Town Eastleigh KS1 & KS2

Two hour session giving young historians the chance to explore Eastleigh in the past through a range of historic sources, including maps, objects donated by residents of the town, census material and photographs. Activities include sorting images, identifying changes in the town, matching objects to people.

KS1 Home Explorers

This one hour session uses a range of historic household objects as well as our historic room sets and displays to help children explore homes in the past.

KS2 Home Front Eastleigh

This two hour session introduces pupils to activities to help them understand rationing, evacuation and safety on the home front with short transcripts of oral history accounts from people who were evacuated to Eastleigh from Gosport. The session includes a range of resources including sounds, smells and objects from the museum’s collection to handle.

Home Front Christmas KS2

A seasonal two hour variation of Children in WW2 - Home from Home, available in the lead up to the December break. Activities include dressing up, composing a Christmas telegram with a  budget, pooling ration cards for treats, handling objects from the collection and discussing whose present they might have been.


Free Assemblies

If you would like an Education Officer to deliver an assembly introducing the work of museums, please ring and we will be happy to talk to you about your requirements.

Important Information

  • Led sessions cost £26 per hour for one class

How to book a visit to community museum gives you step by step guidelines. Simply note the name of the session you would like, the museum's telephone number and see the guidelines.

To book or discuss a visit, please contact the Learning Officer on 023 9250 1957, or e-mail Janet.Wildman@hants.gov.uk


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