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24/12/2011 05:42am


We enjoyed visiting this charming museum today and learning something about local history and doing some reading. Particularly good to escape the Christmas shopping and enjoy the homemade cake! Well worth a visit.



20/11/2011 05:50am

Antony Gabb

I left Leigh Road Eastleigh in December 1975 and on my recent visit to the town came across the museum.

The many photos you have in your files especially the carnival brought back memories of the happy times when my parents made many costumes for me and themselves.

Growing up as a son of a Pirelli General worker I had the benefit of using their sports facilities which were second to none. I learnt to swim in the swimming pool, tennis, bowls and entered into the annual sports days as well as having picnics around the bowling green.

The railway which brought about the towns expansion is well represented in models and pictures.

If you take the time to spend half an hour or more you will not be disappointed and the young staff are very helpfull


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