Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

Apply Online

Before you apply online, it is important to know what type of admission you are applying for. There are two types:

  • Main round admissions – this applies specifically to the main intake of pupils who are due to start Year R at a primary or infant school, Year 3 at a junior school or Year 7 at a secondary school in September 2016.

  • In Year admissions – these are when a child needs an immediate school place outside of the usual transfer times, for example, because of a house move.

Main round applications

Secondary transfer

Applications are now closed. If you still need to apply for a Year 7 secondary school place for your child in September 2016, please refer to the STOP PRESS page for details on how to make a late application.

Starting school and infant to junior transfer

If you are a Hampshire resident and your child is due to start Year R (reception) or Year 3 at a junior school in September 2016, you can apply for a place by clicking on the link below. If you are a non Hampshire resident (including those living in Portsmouth and Southampton) you must apply though your home local authority, even if you wish to apply for a Hampshire school.

Please note that if you used the main round online system to apply for a place in Year R, Year 3 or Year 7 in September 2015 and your child’s permanent address is still in Hampshire, you will be able to log in using the same email address and password created previously. All other users must register as a new user.

In-year applications

If you are seeking an immediate school place for your child at a Hampshire school, you can apply for a place using the link below. In-year applications for a September 2016 start to year groups other than the main entry points of the school can also be made using this form. Please refer to the guidance on in-year admissions for further information.

Please note that if you have used the online system previously to make an in-year application, you will be able to log in using your same user ID and password. If you have previously made a main round online application, you must register as a new user to use the in-year online system.

If you are having trouble opening the online application page, please try lowering your security settings.