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Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

Applying for a school place in-year

There are two main reasons why you might be applying for a school place other than at the normal times of school transfer: You might be moving house or unhappy with your child’s current school.

Applications for admission during the academic year 2014-2015 can be considered at any time and the school may hold the place for your child for up to four school weeks.

How to apply

Parents wishing to apply for a place at a publicly funded school in Hampshire outside the main admissions round can apply online or request an application form directly from the school. Paper applications should be submitted to your preferred school. The school will normally write to you with the decision within 10 school days.

Parents wishing to apply for a place at a publicly funded school in another local authority should contact that local authority for an application and advice about their in-year admission procedures.

If you are moving house

Evidence of your new address must be sent to the school. Proof of exchange of contracts or a signed tenancy agreement will normally be accepted. Until the address evidence is received your application (and subsequent waiting list position where the school has no spaces available) will be based on your current address.

If you are applying from overseas, you may use a UK address if you have one, subject to the same evidence requirements as above, i.e. exchange of contracts or signed tenancy agreement. Other evidence to substantiate ownership of a property may be required. If you cannot provide any of this, you must use your current address in your application. You must also provide a copy of the parent and child's passports and visas before we can offer a school place.   [The Border agency website provides useful advice about children studying abroad. A link is provided on the Department for Education website.]

For service families, with official proof of posting to Hampshire and a relocation date, a Unit postal address, quartering area address or future home address will be accepted as the address for the application.

Receiving the decision

If you are offered a place, the school will require your child to start at the school within four school weeks. (if your child is starting in Year R for the first time, please discuss admission arrangements with the school.')

If the school cannot offer your child a place, you will receive a letter of refusal containing details of what to do next. Your child's name will automatically be added to the school's waiting list. You may also appeal against the decision not to admit your child.   

Need assistance finding a school place?

If you need help finding a school place for your child, you should contact the County Admissions Team.  The County Admissions Team can help advise parents of the nearest school with a place available.  You will need to make a new application to this school, or any other new school that you are interested in, by either using the online system or by submitting a paper application form.

Applications for admission at the start of term in September 2015 for year groups which are not the main point of entry for the school will be considered from 08 June 2015. Applications that specify that they are for a September 2015 start date will not be considered or responded to until after this date.