Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

Deciding which schools to apply for

How to find information about schools

The GOV.UK website

This website provides a helpful starting point. To identify schools local to your home, visit For general information about education, visit

Hampshire County Council website

You can visit for an A-Z list of all publicly funded schools within Hampshire's administrative area. For each school, there are contact details, a location map, links to the school’s website, the school’s latest Ofsted report, the school’s admission arrangements, including a map of the catchment area where applicable, and the names of the school governors.

You can also use the school catchment area finder to check the catchment school for your address.

The school’s website

This includes lots of useful information, such as a statement about ethos and values, the school’s admission policy, the school’s special educational needs policy, pupil absence rates, links to Ofsted reports and details of the schools latest Key Stage 2 or 4 attainment and progress measures. Secondary schools also include information about examination results and where pupils go after they leave school.

Visit the school

Each school is a community with its own special character. Schools welcome individual visits, but you will need to make an appointment to meet the headteacher and to look round the school during the school day. Most schools have open evenings or open days when you can visit and see the school in action.

The school prospectus

This is a paper version of the information published on the school’s website. You can request a copy from the school.

  • Use your preferences wisely: investigate schools, especially your catchment area school. Find out how many applications the school had last year compared to places available, and the final criterion used to allocate places. This may give you some idea of the likelihood of your preference being met.

  • Attending a nursery attached to an infant or primary school does not give any priority for admission to the school.

  • Accepting a place at a school does not guarantee a place at the same school for other children in the family.