Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

Applying for a Year 3 place in a primary school for September 2017

A few parents may wish to apply to an all-through primary school for a place in Year 3. If you do, you should use the following procedure:

  • Apply to a junior school online or on the paper form. This will ensure your child is offered a school place for September 2017.
  • If your preferred primary school is within Hampshire County Council's administrative area, apply online (using the 'Apply to change school in-year' form) before 12 June 2017, or request an in-year application from the school and return it direct to the primary school

Primary schools in Hampshire will consider Year 3 applications for September 2017 from 12 June 2017. Applicants should expect a decision letter from the school after this date.

Parents wishing to apply for a school place in another local authority should contact that local authority for an application form and advice about their admission procedures.