Admission to school

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What does 'Displaced' and 'Displaced Sibling' mean?

Due to rising birth rates, the Admissions Team are aware that there have been occasions where a school has been oversubscribed from within its catchment area and as a result, not all of the catchment children whose parents applied for a place at the school in the normal admission round were able to gain places.

The displacement of a child from the catchment school can cause issues, particularly when applying for the child to transfer from infant to junior school or when applying for younger siblings to attend the same school allocated to the displaced child because they live outside of the catchment area and therefore have a lower priority for places. To address this, Hampshire County Council includes a criterion (criterion 7) within its policies for community and voluntary controlled schools which gives the sibling of a displaced child the same admission priority (criterion 3) for places as a catchment child with a sibling on roll of the school (or linked school for Year R and Year 3 applications). Criterion 4 of the junior school policy gives children who were displaced from their catchment infant school in the normal admission round a higher level of priority for the linked junior school.

Definitions of a displaced child and a displaced sibling are provided below:

A displaced child is a child who was refused a place at their catchment school in the normal admission round having named it on the application and was not offered a place at a higher named preference school.

Where the parent of a younger sibling applies for a place at the same school the elder child was allocated to as a result of their displacement (as defined above), providing the displaced child is still on roll of the school (or its linked infant or junior school for Year R and Year 3 admissions) and will still be on roll at the time of the younger child's admission, and the siblings remain living within the original catchment area, the younger sibling is known as a displaced sibling. In future normal admissions rounds, subsequent siblings applying for the same school will also be considered to have been displaced if the displaced sibling is still attending the school and will still be on roll at the time of the subsequent siblings admission and the children remain living in the original catchment area.

The County Admission Team holds records of every child who made an on-time application in the normal admissions round and was displaced from their catchment school due to oversubscription and will use these to identify all displaced children and displaced siblings.