Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

Making an application based on medical, physical or psychological grounds

If your child or a member of your family living at the same address has a serious medical, physical or psychological need that makes it essential that the child attends the preferred school, then you must tick the appropriate box in your child’s application to indicate that you wish the application to be considered under the medical criterion of that school’s policy if it has one. Please bear in mind that all schools can cope with special educational needs and common childhood complaints such as asthma or allergies.  

Your application will not be considered under the medical criterion if you do not provide supporting evidence. Supporting evidence should be submitted by the deadline, for example, a letter from a registered health professional setting out the reasons why the school in question is the only school able to support your child’s or your family’s needs because of the condition. All information submitted will be regarded as confidential. Evidence submitted after the deadline but before Friday 09 January for Year 7 applications and by Friday 13 February for Year R and Year 3 applications will still be considered providing an on-time application has been submitted. Evidence submitted after these dates will not be considered.

For Hampshire community and controlled schools, the medical criterion can only be granted for on-time applications.  All evidence will be considered by the school and a panel of senior officers at Hampshire County Council. If either party (the preferred school or the panel of officers) does not consider admission to the school to be essential, then the application will be considered against the school’s remaining oversubscription criteria in their admission policy.

Evidence for academy, aided, foundation or Trust schools will be considered by the school’s admissions authority.  They may also consider medical evidence for late applications – please check the school’s admissions policy.