Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

How to make an application

Before you apply, it is important to know what type of admission you are applying for. There are two types:

  • Main round admissions – this applies specifically to the main intake of pupils due to start Year R at a primary or infant school, Year 3 at junior school and Year 7 at a secondary school in September 2017.

  • In Year admissions – these are when a child wishes to transfer to another school outside of the usual transfer times, for example, because of a house move.

If you do not know which year group your child would usually be admitted to, please check by using their date of birth.

Main round applications

Please refer to the Stop Press pages for information on how to make a main round application.

In Year applications

You can apply online for an immediate place at any Hampshire school by clicking here. The in-year form can be used by all applicants wanting a place in a Hampshire school, regardless of home address. Paper application forms are also available on request from any Hampshire school, or by calling the Admissions Team on 0300 555 1377. Please note that in-year applications requesting a September 2017 start date will not receive a response until after 12 June 2017.

Some schools (Academies, foundation schools and voluntary aided schools) may require you to complete a supplementary information form (SIF) in addition to the Hampshire in-year application form. You should check with the school directly to see if a SIF is required. If you do not complete a SIF, it may reduce your chances of being offered a place.

If you wish to apply for a school in another local authority, you should contact the local authority responsible for that school for information about how to apply (see neighbouring local authorities’ contact details).