Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

How to make an application

Applications for children resident in Hampshire (not including the administrative areas of Southampton and Portsmouth) must be made to Hampshire County Council.  

If you live outside Hampshire on the application deadline and wish to apply for a Hampshire school, you must apply to your home local authority.

Hampshire residents can apply online. After registering with a username and password, and supplying basic details about yourself and your child, you can name up to three preferred schools, giving reasons as appropriate.

If you do not wish to apply online, a Hampshire common application form is available from schools or the County Admissions Team and should be returned to a Hampshire school or to the address on the form.

If you wish to apply for a school in another local authority you should name it in your Hampshire application and also refer to the school or to that local authority's website (or brochure) to ensure you are aware of admissions information relevant to that school (see neighbouring local authorities’ contact details).

If you wish to apply to a foundation, voluntary aided or academy school, you may need to complete a Supplementary Information Form in addition to the Hampshire application form. If you do not complete the school's Supplementary Information Form this may reduce your chances of being offered a place. You can find out whether a Supplementary Form is required by asking the school.

It is very important to apply on-time in order that your application is not disadvantaged. Every year children miss out on a place at their parents’ preferred school, including where this is the catchment school, because applications are submitted late. This may mean that they are allocated a place at a school some distance from home. Late applications will be considered after all on-time applications, unless there are exceptional circumstances that warrant consideration. If you expect to move to Hampshire after the closing date, you must submit an on-time application to your home local authority by the closing date. Further details of what you must do if you move house are on the address page.

At schools where there are more applications than places available, children will be admitted according to the oversubscription criteria set out in each school’s admission policy. At most schools, distance from school is used as a tie-breaker where not all children falling into an admission category can be offered places. Each school’s prospectus will make it clear how distance is measured; the majority of schools use straight line distance.