Admission to school

provided by the Children's Services Department

How applications are processed

Hampshire County Council's co-ordinated scheme describes how applications are processed in the main admission round. Each school’s admission policy sets out how applications will be prioritised if the school receives more applications than places available.

How applications are considered

All on-time applications (received by the published deadline) will be considered together. The application form allows the applicant to name up to three schools, in preference order. If the process results in more than one of the parent's preferred schools being able to offer a place, reference will be made to the parent's preference order and the highest ranked of those schools will be offered. If none of the schools named can offer a place, the catchment or nearest school with a place will be allocated. Each child will be allocated only one school place.

Example of allocation

Parent applies for

1. School A

2. School B

3. School C

School A is oversubscribed so admissions policy is used to allocate places. The pupil doesn’t come high enough in the criteria to be allocated a place. School B is under subscribed so a place can be offered at School B. School C is oversubscribed but pupil is high in relation to the admissions criteria so a place can be offered at School C. As School B is parent/carers 2nd preference, a place is allocated at School B as this is the highest possible offer that can be made.

What to do if an application is unsuccessful

If your child is refused admission to a school, your child's name will be added to the waiting list of any higher preference school than the one you have been offered. You will also have the right of appeal to an independent appeal panel against the decision to refuse. Information about the waiting list and your right of appeal against the decision will be in your notification letter. Appeals for admission in September will be heard from May onwards and possibly into the summer holidays. If you choose to appeal you will need to make a written statement and most parents also attend the hearing to present their case in person. The decision of an independent appeal panel is binding upon the County Council and can only be overturned by the courts. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you cannot appeal again in the same academic year unless there is a significant and material change in your, or the school’s, circumstances. Appeals for community and controlled schools are handled by the Chief Executive’s Department on behalf of the County Council. The governors of foundation, voluntary aided and academy schools are responsible for their own independent appeals arrangements.

Waiting lists

Two weeks after the notification date, waiting lists will be established for each oversubscribed schools. Each list will automatically include the names of all applicants for the school who have not received an offer of a higher preference school. Parents wishing their child to be included on the waiting list of another school named in the application must inform the authority in writing. Please refer to the web page 'Waiting lists' for further details.

Late applicants

Subject to the dates below, late applications will be considered alongside others on the waiting lists and places offered in accordance with the admissions policy for each school.

Late applications for Year 7

Date application received:

When will it be considered?

After 31 October 2013 and

before 03 March 2014

17 March 2014

On or after 03 March 2014

From 18 March 2014 onwards

Late applications for Year R & Year 3

Date application received:

When will it be considered?

After 15 January 2014 and

before 16 April 2014

30 April 2014

On or after 16 April 2014

From 01 May 2014 onwards