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Hampshire is active in creating a culture for the growth and development of leaders in our schools and colleges through the leadership development framework. There is a full programme of development opportunities, projects, priorities and plans for all those involved either in finding the leaders of tomorrow or in becoming them.

Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College (HTLC) is a team within Hampshire County Council, committed to identifying, growing and developing current and future leaders. HTLC offer a wide range of leadership development activities for individuals, groups and educational settings.

Current leadership vacancies

Senior Leaders

Effective leadership is the key component in achieving school improvement. Hampshire recognises that the roles of senior leaders in schools have changed, with sharper accountabilities, and a significant, complex and diverse workload.

Hampshire is a four star council with a recognised and reputable Children’s Services Department. Whether you are a new school leader or a very experienced senior leader, the Children’s Services Team will provide you with both effective challenge and support to enable you to maintain your focus on leading teaching and learning.

Working as a Headteacher, Deputy or Assistant Headteacher, you will have access to a wealth of the best leadership development opportunities around. Hampshire has developed it’s own leadership framework which is set within the context of the Children and Young People’s Plan and the five outcomes of Every Child Matters. The Qualities and Behaviours for School Leadership drive the leadership opportunities offered by Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College.

Middle Leaders

Hampshire recognises that effective leadership is the key component to achieving school improvement.  Middle leaders are a critical part in school leadership. Hampshire believes in a shared collective responsibility for the achievement of the five Every Child Matters outcomes and this can only be achieved through distributed leadership and the effective contribution of leaders at all levels.

Whether you are a Key Stage/Year Group leader, a Head of Department or in another middle leadership post, Hampshire offers middle leaders the best leadership development opportunities. Hampshire’s leadership framework reflects the Qualities and Behaviours that all school leaders require and the opportunities provided by Hampshire’s Teaching and Leadership College are focused on developing your potential in this area.

Senior Business Leaders

School business managers are financial and administrative managers in schools. They are often referred to as Bursars or Administrative Officers/Managers. School business managers work to ensure that the school’s resource and facilities are used effectively.

As a school business manager you will utilise your specialist skills to manager school finances and resources and bring a business dimension to strategic planning in the school. Duties vary from role to role and school to school, as do the qualifications and experiences that you will require, but there is no doubt that you could have the chance to take on a diverse range of opportunities.

Hampshire will also offer you the best leadership development opportunities as a business manager. With a dedicated professional adviser for support staff development in Hampshire’s Teaching and Leadership College, you will have access to both fantastic internal courses as well as wider qualification programmes.


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