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Specialist and Technical Staff

Schools are complex organisations and have increasing need for specialist and technical staff.  There roles include library staff, IT technicians and managers, sports coaches, technicians or instructors and other specialist subject based technicians such as design and technology technicians, science technicians or food technology technicians.

Library staff

Librarians and library staff play a central role in promoting literacy in schools and helping schools to achieve their learning targets.  Library roles require organised individuals with good IT, communication and customer service skills.  Qualified librarian roles, often also called Learning Resource Centre Managers, will require appropriate qualifications.

IT staff

IT technicians (also referred to as ICT technicians), have a range of responsibilities including looking after school networks, ordering, installing and maintaining software and hardware and providing technical support to teachers, administrative staff and pupils.  As ICT as become integral to the school curriculum, the number of ICT opportunities has grown.  ICT technicians need to have sound knowledge of hardware and common software applications and have good problem solving and communication skills.

Sports Technicians, Coaches and Instructors

Sports technicians, coaches and instructors includes a variety or roles from simply setting up and maintaining sports equipment to assisting teachers with delivery of PE lessons and coaching pupils in particular sports.  Organisational skills are essential and each role will have it’s own particular qualification and experience requirement.

Other specialist technicians

Other specialist technicians include Science Technicians and Design and Technology technicians specialising in electronics, communication technology, food technology, materials technology and textiles technology.

Like other technicians, these roles focus on working with teachers, supporting pupil learning.  Activities may include preparing and maintaining equipment, ensuring a safe environment and assisting in practical exercises and activities.  Qualifications and experience needed are dependent upon the nature of the specialism and the school requirement.

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