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Education Personnel Services

Who we are  

         “Our vision is to be the trusted, class-leading education personnel service;

                  delivering outstanding and responsive customer solutions.”

Achieving the best educational outcomes for your school depends on your ability to attract and retain talented teachers and support staff. We understand that your staff are your most valuable asset. The quality of the people you employ in your team are the key to ensuring you are delivering the best educational experience for every child in your school.

As the HR consultants of choice for over 500 maintained and academy schools in Hampshire and surrounding local authorities, and with over 20 years’ experience in our education specialism, we have the in-depth knowledge and expertise required to ensure your school receives the highest quality professional HR support.

We work with you to understand your context and priorities and, through your named contact, we will support you in realising those aims as swiftly as possible. By working smarter, we ensure your time is utilised to its maximum potential. Using our knowledge and expertise means you don’t need to become an expert yourself.

For times when you need advice right away, you have unlimited access to our telephone helpline, covered by our team of experienced HR specialists.

From recruitment and employment law, through to school transformation and workforce organisation, we can support you with your most simple or challenging HR issues, providing you with a choice of personalised options and ensuring you are clear about the risks involved. We deliver so your school can perform.

EPS - positively impacting on your drive for school improvement.

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Our Mission is to:

  • Value and consider our customers in everything we do
  • Grow our dynamic team of professionals who thrive on making a difference
  • Continue to develop our services through strong partnerships
  • Empower schools to be the best that they can be

Contact Us:

Tel: 02380 383500