New Arrivals training

Strategies to Support early stage learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL)

This is a session of approximately one hour which focuses on strategies that will support a pupil new to English to access the curriculum. A generic New Arrival session can be delivered to whole staff as part of INSET or as a twilight. Alternatively, a more tailored session covering similar material can be delivered to smaller groups of staff where it would be more useful to focus on the specific needs of an individual pupil.

A New Arrivals training session is appropriate for any members of school staff who may have contact with the pupil/parents including teachers, SENCo, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisory assistants and admin staff.

As part of their programme of support for New Arrivals who are in the early stages of acquiring English, schools might also find it useful to implement the Young Interpreter Scheme.

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