Training on the assessment of English as an Additional Language and the DfE Proficiency Scale

The course introduces the Bell foundation’s new EAL Assessment Framework, which supports school-based staff to track the progress of their EAL cohorts and to make accurate judgements in relation to the DfE Proficiency Scale for the Spring Census return.

2 hour briefing for teachers and support staff working with EAL pupils (primary and secondary phases), EAL Co-ordinators and Head Teachers/Senior leaders

Presented by
Sarah Coles - EMTAS Consultant

The new EAL Assessment Framework enables teachers to establish a baseline for their EAL pupils and to track progress in their acquisition of English. The course introduces the new Framework and provide opportunities to apply it through case study examples.  It aims to provide practitioners with the knowledge and understanding to do this in an informed way. Links between the new Framework and the DfE Proficiency Scale will be made, enabling school staff to make accurate judgements about their EAL pupils’ proficiency in English across the curriculum for the Spring Census return.

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Training for schools

New Arrivals training

Strategies to Support early stage learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL).

This is a session of approximately one hour which focuses on strategies that will support a pupil new to English to access the curriculum. A generic New Arrival session can be delivered to whole staff as part of INSET or as a twilight. Alternatively, a more tailored session covering similar material can be delivered to smaller groups of staff where it would be more useful to focus on the specific needs of an individual pupil.

A New Arrivals training session is appropriate for any members of school staff who may have contact with the pupil/parents including teachers, SENCo, teaching assistants, lunchtime supervisory assistants and admin staff.

As part of their programme of support for New Arrivals who are in the early stages of acquiring English, schools might also find it useful to implement the Young Interpreter Scheme.


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Advanced Learners of English as an Additional Language

This generic training session looks at how practitioners can meet the language-learning needs of more advanced learners of English as an additional language.

The session:

  • is suitable for staff working with pupils who have been here at least two years and who have already acquired fluency in everyday conversational English.
  • focuses on ways of improving pupils' use of more academic language across a range of curricular areas.
  • is most appropriate for teachers working in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.


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Teaching English as an Additional Language (TEAL)

TEAL is for practitioners who have an interest in developing their knowledge and expertise in teaching English as an additional language.

It is a Masters level qualification which we run in conjunction with the University of Winchester and it sits within the university’s MA (Ed) programme.


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Supporting English as an Additional Language (SEAL)

SEAL is a course for Teaching Assistants wishing to develop expertise in supporting pupils who are learning English as an Additional Language (EAL).

The course commences in the Autumn Term 2016. There are six units available and these will be delivered one a term over a two year period. Each unit focuses on a different aspect of provision for pupils with EAL.

To book a place, please visit HTLC Learning Zone and search for “SEAL” to find the SEAL units.

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Training

EMTAS can provide ‘Raising Awareness of Traveller Culture’ training bespoke to your setting/district.

This session will identify the different sub-groups of Travellers that come under the umbrella term “Travellers”, focus on Traveller culture, discuss any implications for schools and share good practice.

We can also support with planning to help schools and settings celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month which takes place in June.


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Positive Parenting Session

Hampshire EMTAS offers a Positive Parenting session specially designed to address key issues faced by parents/carers from ethnic minority backgrounds. The session provides an opportunity for parents/carers to discuss:

  • the challenges of bringing up children in two or more cultures, especially when living away from the support of family and friends

  • how parents/carers can get their children off to the best start in life

  • ways in which parents/carers can develop positive relationships with both their children and with the schools they are attending.

The cost of the session, which lasts around an hour and a half, is £110 plus £90 if bilingual support is needed.

For more information please contact
Kamaljit Dulai
01256 330195

Network Meetings

EMTAS Teachers run termly network meetings in various venues across the county. These are held as twilight sessions and provide an opportunity for practitioners to meet to share best practice in relation to different aspects of ethnic minority achievement.

The meetings are open to teaching and support staff working with pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds as well as EMA/EAL co-ordinators, SENCOs and line managers in infant, junior and secondary settings.

2017-18 Network Meeting dates are as follows:

Basingstoke area

11 Oct 2017 – Dame Mary Fagan House (HCC offices), Basingstoke
17 Jan 2018 – Dame Mary Fagan House (HCC offices), Basingstoke
25 April 2018 – Dame Mary Fagan House (HCC offices), Basingstoke

East Hants

19 October 2017 Venue TBC
8 February 2018 Venue TBC
24 May 2018 Venue TBC

Hart and Rushmoor

2 November 2017 Venue TBC
1 March 2018 Venue TBC
7 June 2018 Venue TBC

New Forest

25 September 2017 at 16:00 - Applemore College

Winchester area

1 March 2018 – Swithun Room, Falcon House
5 July 2018 – Kings Room, Falcon House
30 November 2017 - Cromwell Room, Falcon House

To book a place at any of these meetings, please contact


To book, contact
Lizzie Jenner

EMTAS EAL E Learning

A set of high-quality, cross-phase, interactive online training units based around catering for the needs of learners of English as an additional language (EAL).

Aimed at Governors, Teachers, HLTAs, TAs and Inclusion Managers. It has particular relevance for trainee teachers, NQTs and key workers recently appointed to the role of working directly with EAL learners.

There are currently 6 completed units with one more to be completed by September 2016.

  1. Introduction to working with EAL learners
  2. Core principles
  3. Working with parents and the community
  4. The SEND:EAL interface
  5. Teaching and Learning
  6. Bilingualism
  7. Assessment – September 2016


  • The materials have been developed by specialist teachers of EAL in conjunction with senior leaders and class teachers based in local schools
  • They contain a variety of interactive learning materials supported by text, images, podcasts and video
  • There are assessable assets and free-form activities that enable learners to reflect on their current practice
  • The materials can be visited at a learner’s own pace and in their own time-frame
  • The system records progress throughout each unit
  • Completed units are certificated by the system and can form part of a learner’s CPD

See the EMTAS EAL E learning taster units.

70+ EAL Conversations Training Resource

This is a Q & A training resource for teachers and support staff working with pupils learning English as an additional language (EAL) and those with a Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) heritage across all school phases. The cards cover typical scenarios that crop up in schools with suggested solutions. The associated online version contains a duplicate searchable set of cards as well as links and references.

Managers in schools can use these cards as a single point of reference to improve their knowledge about EAL and GRT issues. They are also perfect for small group and whole staff training sessions, especially when used in conjunction with the online version.

See a sample of this exciting new resource.

A pack of 70 cards and one login for the online version costs £45 + VAT
Order form Microsoft Word 149kB

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Training for other professionals

Early Years Training

EMTAS is able to offer a range of support packages to develop and enhance inclusive practice in schools and settings. We have expertise in providing guidance and support in relation to various aspects of cultural and linguistic diversity. We can help your staff to work more effectively with BME and Traveller children and their families so that barriers to engagement and learning are removed, wherever these exist.

All EMTAS training for Early Years settings is now available through SfYC Professional Options

Additional information

For interpreting e.g. for home visits or during specific times such as transition, please contact EMTAS directly 01256 330195.


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