Parents and carers for whom English is an additional language

We work with Hampshire children, families and schools on all aspects of provision in relation to English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The Hampshire Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS) is part of Children's Services in Hampshire County Council.

Family Learning

One of our projects delivers Family Learning classes to parents. These classes help parents learn English so they can get more involved in their children's education.

We can:

  • Encourage parents to take part in their children's education
  • Provide opportunities for learning basic communication skills in English through first language support
  • Empower parents to gain confidence and enrol in a college to learn English
  • Provide information about the UK education system
  • Help parents to learn basic IT skills
  • Encourage and provide information about Early Years Education (e.g. PEEP programme)
  • Raise the awareness of schools and other agencies regarding issues relating to language, culture, racism etc.
2-Year-Old Early Years education offer

Free Early Years education for eligible 2-year-old children is now available. If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you may qualify for up to 15 hours’ free nursery education for your pre-school child/children.

Find out more information and see if you are eligible to apply


Safeguarding advice and guidance for parents, including information on keeping children safe online and FGM in various languages.

Language phonelines

Parents and carers can call the EMTAS language phone lines - during term time only

Referrals are made by the school.

Helpful downloads
More information and guidance on bilingualism in the early years is available from the National Literacy Trust. Some of this has been translated into other languages.

The leaflet “Bringing up your child bilingually”, translated by Hampshire EMTAS, is also useful. You can access the translated versions below.

These Behaviour management guides are for parents/carers to help them understand and be able to use the same strategies at home as teachers use in schools.
Guidance for parents on sharing a book with their child

How to choose a new book

This video helps parents think about what factors to consider when their child chooses a new book to read at school/home.

How to engage your child with a new book

This video gives advice to parents around how to share a book with their child, including talking about the front and back cover, using images to help with comprehension and a focus on repetition within the text.

Using pictures to support reading comnprehension

This video gives pointers on how parents can use pictures to support their child's understanding of the text.

How to focus on keywords with a book

This video offers practical suggestions to parents on how to focus on keywords that crop up within their child's current reading book.