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Administrative and Clerical Tasks: 24 tasks

24 examples of routine administrative and clerical tasks are outlined below:

  1. Collecting money
  2. Chasing absences - teachers will need to inform the relevant member of staff when students are absent from their class or from school.
  3. Bulk photocopying
  4. Copy typing
  5. Producing standard letters - teachers may be required to contribute as appropriate in formulating the content of standard letters.
  6. Producing class lists - teachers may be required to be involved as appropriate in allocating students to a particular class.
  7. Record keeping and filing - teachers may be required to contribute to the content of records.
  8. Classroom display - teachers will make professional decisions in determining what material is displayed in and around their classroom.
  9. Analysing attendance figures - it is for teachers to make use of the outcome of analysis.
  10. Processing exam results - teachers will need to use the analysis of exam results.
  11. Collating pupil reports.
  12. Administering work experience - teachers may be required to support pupils on work experience (including through advice and visits).
  13. Administering examinations - teachers have a professional responsibility for identifying appropriate examinations for their pupils.
  14. Administering teacher cover
  15. ICT trouble shooting and minor repairs.
  16. Commissioning new ICT equipment.
  17. Ordering supplies and equipment - teachers may be involved in identifying needs.
  18. Stocktaking.
  19. Cataloguing, preparing, issuing and maintaining equipment and materials.
  20. Minuting meetings - teachers may be required to communicate action points from meetings.
  21. Co-ordinating and submitting bids - teachers may be required to make a professional input into the content of bids.
  22. Seeking and giving personnel advice.
  23. Managing pupil data - teachers will need to make use of the analysis of pupil data.
  24. Inputting pupil data - teachers will need to make the initial entry of pupil data into school management systems.

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