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Dedicated Headship Time

The National Agreement provides the provision for Headteacher to have dedicated time to strategically lead their schools, as well as operationally manage them. In September 2005 a provision was introduced required governing bodies to ensure that Headteachers have dedicated headship time within the school sessions.

It is important to recognise that Headteachers need time to lead and manage their schools at both a strategic and operational level to focus on school improvement, school development, raising standards, improving monitoring and evaluation and improving the wellbeing of staff and pupils. It should also be noted that Headteachers are also entitled to the same provisions around work/life balance as all other teaching staff.

It is clear that dedicated headship time remains a particular challenge for Governing Bodies and Headteachers but both parties should be engaging in discussion about strategies to achieve this time. The Teacher’s Pay and Conditions Document notes that this is a particular issue for Headteachers with significant teaching responsibilities as they are unlikely to have sufficient time to discharge their leadership and managerial role. Governing Bodies with Headteachers in this position must play an active role in monitoring the ability to use this dedicated time.

Each school should determine the appropriate amount of dedicated headship time and this is likely to take into account any teaching commitments, management responsibilities, school situation and staffing levels.


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