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Leadership and Management Time

Teachers with leadership and management responsibilities are entitled, as far as is reasonably practicable, to a reasonable allocation of time within school sessions to support them in discharging their responsibilities.

The Teacher’s Pay and Conditions Document does not provide an amount of time which might be appropriate for each responsibility and leaves this to be a matter for the school to decide reasonable allocations in short meaningful blocks of time. The document does indicate this time should not need to cover all of the time that the individual takes to discharge this responsibility but it is intended to be a contribution to the time needed.

The WAMG 'Time for Standards-  Headteachers and the National Agreement - a summary' says:

Leadership and management time

STPCD 2005 guidance says: “Headteachers are also legally entitled to a reasonable allocation of leadership and management time as a result of this and other amendments. These make it clear that leadership is one of the core duties of a headteacher and that they should be involved in teaching to such extent as may be appropriate having regard to his leadership and other functions and duties. In addition, provision for dedicated headship time is introduced from 1September 2005.”

The National Agreement led to changes in the STPCD so that all teachers, including headteachers, who were eligible for leadership and management time would have a reasonable allocation of time in support of their leadership and

management responsibilities reflected in their timetable. The National Agreement goes on to mention that time provided for leadership and management activities should be in addition to PPA time and should acknowledge provisions about work/life balance. It also states that such provision should be a contribution towards the time needed to discharge the relevant responsibilities effectively and is not intended to cover all the time required.

Entitlement to leadership and management time

Headteachers should also receive time during the school working day to carry out their own leadership and managerial responsibilities. Whether this time forms part or all of a headteacher’s dedicated headship time is a matter for each individual school to determine.

New pay arrangements due to come into being on 1 January 2006 include Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payments which will replace the current Management Allowances. Where TLR entails the leadership and management of staff, it is reasonable for leadership and management time to be assigned. Note: please refer to the link on the final page of this document for further details. It should be acknowledged that many headteachers and others with leadership and management responsibilities are already cognisant of leadership  and management matters in terms of eligibility, time taken and specific activities undertaken.

What constitutes an appropriate amount of leadership and management time?

This will be a matter for each school to determine, however what time is provided is in addition to that given to honour contractual obligations for work/life balance and PPA.

STPCD guidance says:

“Time for leadership and management is likely to be identified using one, or a combination, of the following strategies:

  • Existing non-contact time already allocated specifically for that purpose;
  • A proportion of existing non-contact time, originally allocated to support a variety of tasks, including leadership and management responsibilities;
  • Re-designation of some or all of the non-contact time previously allocated to support a variety of tasks, including those which do not require the  professional expertise of a qualified teacher and should be transferred to appropriate support staff;
  • The release of teachers from pupil contact time, which does not involve teaching. This includes pupil supervision, registration, attendance at assemblies and other similar tasks that can be carried out by appropriate support staff.  Where appropriate, this should be in accordance with the provisions of the regulations and guidance made under section 133 of the Education Act 2002.”

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