Hampshire Governor Services

Fareham and Gosport

Alverstoke Church Of England (Aided) Junior School Co-opted 1
Foundation 1
Alverstoke Community Infant School Co-opted 2
Brockhurst Junior School Co-opted 1
Brookfield Community School Co-opted 3
Brune Park Community School Partnership 2
Parent 1
Co-opted 2
Castle Primary School Co-opted 1
Local Authority 1
Crofton Hammond Junior School Authority 1
Community 1
Parent 2
Crofton School Partnership 2
Co-opted 8
Elson Infant School Authority 1
Community 2
Parent 4
Elson Junior School Co-opted 4
The Federation of Bedenham and Holbrook Primary Schools Co-opted 1
The Federation of Crofton Anne Dale Infant and Crofton Anne Dale Junior Schools Co-opted 2
The Federation of Leesland CE(C)Infant and Leesland CE(C) Junior Schools Co-opted 3
Foundation 1
The Federation of Northern Infant School and Northern Junior Community Schools Co-opted 13
Gomer Infant School Authority 1
Staff 1
Gomer Junior School Parent 3
Community 2
Authority 1
Grange Infant School Co-opted 2
Parent 1
Grange Junior School Co-opted 1
Harrison Primary School Staff 1
Parent 1
Authority 1
Haselworth Primary School Co-opted 1
Heathfield Special School Co-opted 2
The Henry Cort Community College Parent 3
Community 2
Locks Heath Infant School Co-opted 1
Locks Heath Junior School Staff 2
Parent 3
Community 1
Authority 1
Newtown Church Of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School Parent 2
Community 1
Authority 1
Orchard Lea Infant School Co-opted 3
Orchard Lea Junior School Co-opted 1
Park Gate Primary School Co-opted 3
Peel Common Infant School And Nursery Unit Co-opted 2
Peel Common Junior School Co-opted 1
Portchester Community School Co-opted 1
Parent 1
Ranvilles Infant School Co-opted 1
Ranvilles Junior School Co-opted 2
Red Barn Community Primary School Authority 1
Redlands Primary School Co-opted 1
Parent 2
Rowner Infant School Co-opted 3
Rowner Junior School Co-opted 2
Sarisbury Church Of England Junior School Parent 1
Community 1
Staff 1
Sarisbury Infant School Co-opted 1
St Francis Special School Co-opted 7
St John The Baptist Church Of England Primary School, Titchfield Common Co-opted 2
St John's, Gosport Church Of England (Voluntary Aided) Primary School Foundation 1
Staff 1
Parent 1
St Jude's Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School Foundation 2
Authority 1
St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Gosport Parent 1
Titchfield Primary School Co-opted 2
Uplands Primary School Co-opted 3
Wallisdean Infant School Parent 1
Wallisdean Junior School Co-opted 4
Whiteley Primary School Co-opted 1
Woodcot Primary School Co-opted 1

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