Hampshire Governor Services

Changes to Teachers’ Pay

Governors who have attended the pay change briefings will be aware that there are a number of changes planned for teachers’ pay some which take effect from 1 September 2013 and others from 1 September 2014.

From 1 September 2013, there will no longer be threshold standards; upper pay range criteria will remain but will change - the school will need to be satisfied that the teacher is highly competent and able to make a substantial and sustained contribution. Decisions made to progress a teacher to the upper pay range after this date will no longer follow the teacher to another school. Schools will need to decide whether they want a Leading Practitioner post  and the salary range that will apply. There are also changes to allowances for specific responsibilities or to aid recruitment and retention. There will be a sharpened focus on pay increases being attributable to performance.

From 1 September 2014, governors will need to determine what salary progression will apply to their teachers. It is proposed that the amount of pay progression will be determined following assessment of performance against both teaching standards and individual objectives. No pay progression may be applied if performance doesn’t meet the school’s criteria for pay progression, without the need for formal capability procedures to be applied. The amount of pay progression and how this links with performance will be down to each governing body to determine.

On the basis of these changes, Education Personnel Services (EPS) is taking forward  significant reform of the current pay policy working with nominated headteacher representatives from all phases and sectors and will take this through the union consultation process on behalf of maintained schools. Significant work is being undertaken within relatively short timescales and due to the volume of work and consultation involved, the revised model policy will not be available until 15 July. Headteachers will be advised to ensure that the model policy is shared with school staff in the last days of the summer term, with a view to governors localising the policy during September or into early October.  Maintained schools are free to apply a different policy, but are strongly encouraged to speak with EPS first to understand the size and significance of the development work involved, including ensuring adequate union consultation with the six professional associations and compatibility with payroll systems.

Local Resources

The slides Microsoft PowerPoint 193kB from the briefing session provide a useful overall context of the changes, the work being undertaken by EPS and the actions that Governing Bodies will need to take Microsoft Word 75kB. The changes do not automatically apply to academy schools but governors in academy schools who are supported by Education Personnel Services, can contact Amanda Stevens in EPS (amanda.j.stevens@hants.gov.uk) for further advice and support.

EPS have produced a summary of the Ofsted Requirements Microsoft Word 73kBin the area of pay differentiation and performance management and governors are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with this information.

Monitoring the effectiveness of performance management Microsoft Word 82kB is a key responsibility of governors that will be crucial to the successful implementation of this reform.  EPS have produced this guidance to support governors in undertaken this role.

A Timeline Microsoft Word 41kb for Hampshire maintained schools.

National Resources

The DfE have published the Draft School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document 2013 and advice on how to deal with the changes. These are a point of reference for Governors on the detail behind the changes, but governors of Hampshire maintained schools can be reassured that the full detail in these documents is being used in the work being undertaken by Education Personnel Services in conjunction with the Headteacher working group. We have provided an extract of the DfE advice summarising governor responsibilities here for your ease of reference.