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Activities to introduce the Convention

Early on in the development of Rights Respecting Education (RRE), many schools have opted for an extended immersion time where newcomers can be introduced to the Convention, while those more experienced learners can be refocused in order to share their knowledge and understanding with others.

Sometimes, there is a whole-school concentration on a particular Article. The intention, in any case, is to lead into a rights-respecting way of working all year round.

Here are a selection of popular activities to start things off:

  1. Lesson plan to help learners distinguish between essential needs and additional wants and to introduce the Convention in the light of this distinction - Wants and universal needs Microsoft Word 38kb
  2. One school has used a Wants and needs cards approach for the classroom to set children thinking about how an emphasis on rights and respect would impinge directly on their own learning environment. This leads on to the development of a Convention-related class charter or agreement - Classroom wants and needs Microsoft Word 41kb
  3. Drama lesson plan to help develop visual literacy and empathy and to introduce an Article in an engaging way - Using drama to introduce an article Microsoft Word 39kb
  4. A RRE lesson plan aimed at Nursery and Reception children introduces a ‘Feely bag’ to address  basic survival and development rights - Starting with the youngest - Rights 'feely bag' Microsoft Word 37kb
  5. A RRE lesson plan aimed at Year 1 and 2 to introduce rights - Pack a suitcase Microsoft Word 38kb